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You will find all the HOA's important documents below. Included are the bylaws, rules and regulations and forms.

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 Document NameViewsSizeUploaded On
10764717742 Design Guidelines Design Guidelines1464461 KBdesign_guidelines.pdf8/26/2015
203658057742 Design Guidelines Addendum (Regarding Landscape and Maintenance) Design Guidelines Addendum (Regarding Landscape and Maintenance)731290 KBaddendum_to_design_guidelines_regarding_landscape_maintenance_-_pdf.pdf11/13/2019
305838027742 Prohibited Plant Addendum Prohibited Plant Addendum 15173 KBdesign_guideline_amendment.pdf9/8/2021
402680487742 Roof Gutters Addendum Roof Gutters Addendum23549 KBaddendum_to_design_guidelines_-_roof_gutters.pdf11/26/2018
504081407742 General Architectural Form General Architectural Form96044 KBgeneral_architectural_form.pdf4/14/2020
604081447742 New Build Architectural Form New Build Architectural Form36546 KBnew_build_architectural_form.pdf4/14/2020
705877037742 Requirements For New Builds Requirements For New Builds24175 KBrequirements_for_new_builds.pdf9/22/2021
804081457742 New Landscaping Form New Landscaping Form76843 KBnew_landscaping_form.pdf4/14/2020
904081467742 Requirements for New Landscaping Requirements for New Landscaping65591 KBrequirements_for_new_landscaping.pdf4/14/2020
1004081437742 Sample Landscape Design Sample Landscape Design365506 KBsample_landscape_design2.pdf4/14/2020
1105408737742 Wall Paint Color Wall Paint Color22384 KBwall_paint_color.pdf4/30/2021
1204081427742 Sample Plant Legend Sample Plant Legend2901 MBsample_plant_legend.pdf4/14/2020